Picnic season is back!!

Tis the season… for endless picnicking and we couldn’t be happier! It’s safe to say we’ve all become pretty used to enjoying the great outdoors after the past few years and whilst things are getting back to normal, we don’t want these new traditions to end. Spending time outdoors has a proven positive impact on our mental and physical health, so there’s no better excuse for enjoying time with your nearest and dearest, packing up your favourite cheese & biscuits and getting some well earned Vitamin D! 

But what makes a picnic even more enjoyable we hear you ask? Well, convenience of course… Picnicking should be made as easy and simple as possible and that’s why Skinny Tinny is the perfect tipple of choice to enjoy this summer. Our 250ml slimline can is the perfect size to pop into your handbag or picnic hamper - you might even have room for two! You also won’t get that dreaded moment when you realise you’ve forgotten the bottle opener or not wanting to drink a whole bottle so having to lug most of it back home (or even worse, throw it away). Cans also offer a much safer alternative to glass, which is often prohibited in public spaces - no one likes to see broken bottles when they’re walking their beloved pooch. 

And whilst we all know sharing is caring, sometimes it just isn’t when you and your friend can't agree on what colour wine to drink for the day! Our individual cans mean you can enjoy your drink of choice or share a six pack with friends. Once you’ve finished your Tinny, all you need to do is crush the can down and find the nearest recycling bin, and if that happens to be back home it isn’t much to take back with you. Simple as that! 

What to pair with your Skinny Tinny picnic?

When it comes to daytime drinking, we all know the feeling of getting the dreaded hangover a little prematurely… Our bubbly white wine is 8.5% ABV, making it that little bit lighter than your average white wine and is only 65 calories a glass. 

But what does it actually taste like for those of you yet to try your first Tinny? If you like Prosecco but you find it a little bit too sweet this is a perfect alternative, our bubbly white wine has a dryer taste and a more gentle bubble, topped off with fresh citrus notes and soft floral jasmine. 

P.S don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what some of our customers have to say.  

But what are those picnic essentials? Here’s a roundup of what is on our ‘must pack’ list: 

6 pack of Skinny Tinny - get your special intro off here for £19.99.

Food platter: Cheese & crackers, Cured meats, Fresh sourdough, Olives (Norchella olives are a particular favourite at the moment!) Here’s some inspiration from our favourite food blogger @loripeafoodie!

Reusable glasses - for those who prefer to drink out of a glass, we’re loving these reusable prosecco glasses from Sainsburys (just £2 per glass).

Picnic blankets - we’re loving these rustic pareos from Zara that come in two different colours and 4 picks meaning there’s no risk of your blanket blowing away in our unpredictable British summer! 

Hamper / rucksack - don’t forget your Tinny’s won’t take up much room so your day to day bag will be just fine, but we think this picnic hamper from Oliver Bonas is pretty cute for those looking for the full picnic experience! 

Outdoor games - whilst you can’t beat a good old fashioned game of ‘Go Fish’ whilst basking in the glorious sunshine, we really got into a game of ‘Kubb’ over lockdown… you may be thinking what on earth is Kubb? Well, it’s a traditional lawn game where the objective is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. Trust us, you’ll have everyone in the park wanting to join in… 

To celebrate the upcoming Jubilee bank holiday weekend, customers can enjoy a special intro offer on our 6 and 12 pack of bubbly white wine - let’s raise a tinny to Queenie! Make sure you share your Skinny Tinny picnics with us this summer  #MyTinnyPicnic

Happy Picnicking!!