Where is Skinny Tinny made?

Skinny Tinny is made in one of my favourite places in the world... the beautiful South Africa. My partner is South African so I spent a lot of time there trying to find the right winery to partner with for Skinny Tinny!

South Africa's wineries have had a very difficult past few years, with bans on both domestic alcohol sales and exports several times since the pandemic started. This is an industry, on which 290,000 lives are dependent so it had hugely devastating effects and the wineries are still recovering. We look forward to supporting the wine industry in South Africa for many more years to come.

Where is the wine sourced from?

We make our wines in partnership with a family owned winery in the Western Cape based out in Robertson who are absolute experts in what they do and have a huge amount of experience and passion for making excellent South African wines. They winery was also the first in the SA Wine Industry, and the very 1st winery in the Robertson valley to successfully conclude a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) land reform partnership with their employees and pensioners. They are working hard to give a share in profits and land back to theirs workers with a plan for 30% of grapes to be blacked owned in the next 5 years. 

What grapes do you use?

I was keen to champion a lesser known grape for our bubbly white wine and considering we wanted to reduce the alcohol/calories we needed to ensure our base wine had strong depth of flavour. We chose to use 100% colombard for our bubbly white wine which is a French white grape variety and the offspring of Chenin blanc and Gouais blanc. It is widely grown across South Africa and well known for its notes of citrus and guava. 

Who is the founder of Skinny Tinny?

Skinny Tinny is female founded by Abi Murcott.

I was born and raised in Birmingham in the UK and my main passions in life have always been travelling the world, exploring different cultures and enjoying amazing food and wine.

I had spoken to several friends who weren't satisfied with their current drinks options in the market. Whether it was finding the wine aisle intimidating and confusing or being frustrated at the lack of nutritional information on labels and their heart skipping a beat when they did realise the calorie count on their daily glass of wine... I just knew something had to change. I wanted to create a brand for the lifestyle drinker that was transparent on ingredients, lower in calories and alcohol aswell as being in the most sustainable format possible - the can!


Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes our aluminium cans are 100% recyclable with a recyclable paper label. We chose the can format for this reason as it is much easier to recycle than glass and has a lower carbon footprint.

How is the wine so low in calories/sugar?

We combine picking the grapes early (so there is naturally less sugar) with a method called reverse osmosis which using a fine filter allows us to filter out some of the alcohol (and calories) whilst maintaining the aromas and flavour in the wine.

Is your wine suitable for vegans?

Yes - we have ensured no animal/fish/dairy products are used as fining agents in our wine!