The story behind the tin.

  • Taking a balanced approach to the Christmas holidays!

    Low alcohol christmas alternatives - dry january ideas!
  • Picnic season is back!!

    Tis the season… for endless picnicking and we couldn’t be happier! It’s safe to say we’ve all become pretty used to enjoying the great outdoors after the past few years and whilst things are getting back to normal, we don’t want these new traditions to end. Spending time outdoors has a proven positive impact on our mental and physical health, so there’s no better excuse for enjoying time with your nearest and dearest, packing up your favourite cheese & biscuits and getting some well earned Vitamin D! 
  • The (wo)man behind the can.

    Hello! I'm Abi - the founder of Skinny Tinny.

    I was born and raised in Birmingham in the UK and my main passions in life have always been travelling the world, exploring different cultures and enjoying amazing food and wine.

  • Why we believe canned wine is best.

    The world is changing, our lifestyles are changing and with that, we believe the way we consume our favourite tipple is changing too. 
  • Made in South Africa.

    Skinny Tinny is made in one of our favourite places in the world... the beautiful South Africa. In our opinion, it's one of the best wine regions with so much innovation and high quality wines on offer - we wanted to bring that to our UK wine lovers.