Why we believe canned wine is best.

The world is changing, our lifestyles are changing and with that, we believe the way we consume our favourite tipple is changing too. 

Wine drinkers make up the majority of the UK industry, and if you’re reading this then you’re probably one of them, beating its spirit and beer loving pals year on year. This is why we feel its so important to adapt to the changing needs and offer choice to our customers.

This is one of the main reasons Skinny Tinny was born. We want to create a brand for the lifestyle drinker. We want our fellow wine lovers to be able to enjoy their wine without feeling guilty about the unnecessary consequences - although we can’t be held responsible for the bad heads the next morning *please drink responsibly*! 

Canned drinks aren't a new concept for the UK drinks market, we’re all used to seeing a ‘fizzy pop’ on the shelves in supermarkets. Canned wine however, is still a fairly new concept making up just 2% of the UK wine industry. By canning our wine, we are able to deliver four very important benefits to our Tinnys:


1. Endlessly recyclable

Looking after our planet is now more important than ever and we believe we shouldn't be using products unless they can be recycled. As a brand, we want to help inform our consumers about the impact of our lifestyle choices. The carbon footprint of a can is 75% less than a glass bottle, meaning canned wine is kinder to our environment in more ways than one.

We all have a part to play in change and providing our customers with choice in their lifestyle products, ensures we’re doing our bit.

2. Lighter on packaging and calories

Not only are our cans physically lighter than glass but for us, showcasing how many calories are in our cans is really important. This kind of nutritional information is readily available on food so why is it still not consistent across the drinks industry? We listened to our customers when you asked for more transparency, with many shocked at just how much your average daily glass of wine was counting up in terms of calories... a whole 227 on average! Our can of bubbly white wine has just 52kcal per 100ml, 30% less than a range of South African white wines and is still 8.5% alcohol. Happy sipping!

3. Less waste

We've all been there... It's Thursday night, but you feel like it should be Friday and the week is really dragging. You don't want to open a whole bottle of wine, either to stop yourself drinking the entire bottle or you just don't want to waste it - did you know that UK households throw 624 million bottles of wine down the sink every year?! (Laithwaite's Wine Research, 2017). Yes you've read that right... 69 million of those are sparkling wine, which we all know too well having opened and then throwing away once our beloved bubbles have gone. Our solution? Can it! This way you open and drink what you fancy without running the risk of wasting wine and money - win win! 

4. Perfectly convenient 

Too much to do, not enough time - sound familiar? The one thing we all want in life is a bit of convenience, wherever we can find it. That Thursday night again, you're just wanting a nice cold crisp glass of wine but the bottle you have is on the rack and not in the fridge. Not to be the bearer of bad news but that bottle will take 3 hours to chill in the fridge - we're not sure anyone has 3 hours spare to wait for wine to cool... Our cans take just 30 minutes, the time it will probably take for you to whip up your dinner and enjoy it with your favourite tinny. Not only this, a can is the perfect size to pack for a picnic in the park or for a quick catch up with friends.