Taking a balanced approach to the Christmas holidays!

Tis the season to be jolly, and some of us take this quite literally... Yes, Christmas is the time of year to let our hair down and enjoy the festivities with friends and family. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could do all of that and not suffer the horrendous hangovers the next morning? Too many times do we hear of those unable to enjoy their Christmas Day spread because of a few too many the night before and this is just not right… The answer? Enjoy a lower alcohol beverage this Christmas! 

More and more people are turning to lower alcohol options in order to lead a healthier and more memorable lifestyle! In fact, the global lower alcohol market has been valued at £10billion and is set to grow by 8% over the next 4 years, compared to 0.7% for regular alcohol. So what does all of this tell us? People are taking control of their lifestyle choices and are choosing brands that offer healthier and alternative options. No longer is this just a dry-Jan hype but an all year round trend and we couldn’t be more ready for it! 

Our Tinnies were created with all of this in mind, at just 8.5% ABV and 30% fewer calories than your average glass of wine. 

The Skinny Tinny range includes a sparkling white wine and rosé, served in 250ml cans. Both of these would make the ideal pre-dinner aperitif or post dinner wind down over a family game of monopoly.

We’ve rounded up a few festive ideas of how to make this Christmas a Tinny Christmas:

Take a 6 pack (not a bottle)

Christmas is the time for catching up with our nearest and dearest - those we may be lucky enough to see all the time but also those we aren’t so fortunate to see more than once a year! For such an occasion you can’t turn up empty handed and that’s where Skinny Tinny’s 6 packs are your perfect companion! 

No more awkward moments standing in your local supermarket trying to pick a wine that looks ‘nice’ or end up picking the wrong colour (red or white?). Our new multipacks means there’s an option for everyone. And when you’ve enjoyed a can or two, you can leave the remaining Tinny’s as a little gift (win, win!). 

Give a Tinny 

Our Tinny’s make the perfect gift for wine lovers and the ‘I’ll only have one’ drinkers. You’re not just giving the gift of a can but the gift of convenience… The beauty of our 250ml cans is that you can enjoy one and keep the rest for another day, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! They make the perfect addition to a traditional Christmas hamper or a cute Secret Santa idea. 

Dry January? Why not just reduce your alcohol intake? 

Why do Dry january when you can just reduce your intake or opt for a lower alcohol or calorie alternative? Our tinnys mean you can still enjoy your favourite tipple without opening a whole bottle and are 30% lower in calories and alcohol - win win! 


Shop our range of Tinny’s here.

We wish you all a very merry (but memorable!) Christmas x